“Couples Therapy 3”

Hand Painted Multiples (HPM)

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HPM process is a mixture of in-studio screen printing with select layers of paper collage and hand painted elements. Each limited edition will differ with unique variances based on the medium, creating an overall layered and distressed piece that echoes the inherent texture and energy of originals and work outdoors. 2017 •

60 x 76 cm • screen print, acrylic, spray paint, paper on gesso board •(Edition 3/8) 

extra Frame by the Artists

Signed & numbered Edition of 3/8 

Minimum bet: 5500,00 €

Artist Info:

Pose (Jordan Nickel) was born in 1980 in Evanston, Illinois, and is currently based in Chicago. He began practicing graffiti in 1992 and received a painting degree from Kansas City Art Institute in 2004. His studio work is strongly informed by his graffiti experience and his immersion in traditional sign painting. Pose is a member of The Seventh Letter, an acclaimed West Coast artist collective and Mad Society Kings (MSK), a world-renowned graffiti crew. Pose has painted murals all over the world. In 2013, he and fellow MSK artist REVOK were invited to collaborate on a mural for the illustrious Houston/Bowery wall.

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